The blog I decided to create is called Bridal Crafts, which is focusing on DIY (Do It Yourself) projects for any wedding. Since my community is all about the bride community (considering I will be a future bride myself), this blog will serve as a tool for all the creative, artsy and budget-driven brides out there. In my previous assignment, I have mentioned that budget is one of the most important and often controversial parts of having a wedding. When all the vows are said and the guests goes home, all is left are the bills left to pay from the wedding ceremony and reception. In this thrifty economy, saving money any way you can is always welcomed. It doesn’t mean to cut corners, it just means that there are better ways to spend your money on.

My previous assignment mentioned that two resources brides use to share and retrieve ideas is either social media or bridal expos. Social media sites such as Pinterest, The Knot and Wedding Wire are full of ideas for future brides to help plan their vision for the wedding. This vision, whether it’s an outdoor wedding or an upscale savvy hotel wedding, it all includes finding the most elaborate centerpieces, trying on countless of dresses and flipping through pictures of the most perfect wedding cake. And what better way to help with that than searching through The Knot or pinning countless pictures on Pinterest.

In a world where communities can now thrive on the web to communicate and share ideas, social media has made it even easier for brides to create the wedding of their dreams through online interaction. The idea of my blog came to me when I was searching through pictures on Pinterest for bridal shower favors.  I came across a DIY project in which you take two plastic cups to create a cupcake holder. The project consisted of taking two cups, punching a hole in each of them and tying a string to keep the cups together. It was cheap, creative and functional at the same time. So I thought, why not create a whole blog of DIY projects? That way brides have a one stop show for DIY projects.

I’m using this blog as another platform for sharing and interacting with the bridal community. This will also inspire the community to become more creative and unique with their wedding planning, and maybe even encourage community members to contribute ideas. This will develop a sense of originality and artistic flair within the community. Through this blog, I can inspire other brides to think outside the box.

This blog has been created as part of the educational coursework for ICM 522 – Introduction to Social Media in the School of Communications at Quinnipiac University. The postings on my site are solely my own and do not reflect the views of Quinnipiac University or any of its employees nor do they offer any professional, legal or medical advice.